War of Words

Too many years ago in the Garden of Eden

God spoke.

He spoke to the man and his wife.

Some things were permitted, some things were forbidden,

His message revealed a glimpse of glory hidden,

Offering the Key to the meaning of life.

Nothing to revoke!


The same years ago, in the same place, spoke another.

Different speech.

He sssssspoke to the man’s wife.

His words have distorted: “That’s what He said, rather!”

His words have aroused sedition thoughts: “Don’t bother!”

Opening the gate of shameful lies and strife.

Sneaky leech!


Today, we still hear the speech from each side…

Past records:

The human history is drowned in tears.

Whose words are trustworthy you’d better decide,

Believe your God or crawl behind the snake and hide.

Can you hear right now raging in your ears

This war of words?

Agnia P.
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