Had they known…

Had she known…

Of all the pain and suffering and death

that lay within that agonizing pleasure!

Oh, that intriguing taste of independence

that left her out of breath…

Had she known

of all the lonely moms,

of all the lost children,

of all the unborn babies murdered in the wombs,

of all the broken homes..,

Had she known of the tears shed by the teenage girl

who thought herself morally shaped,

yet found her worth in her looks

and ended-up abased and raped…

Of all the desperate women

who traded their body for some money,

or traded their money for somebody…

Had she seen the eyes of the hopeless wife,

beaten by her husband,

despised by her brood,

who found her salvation with a knife…

Had she seen all these,

all the fear anxiety and depression,

all the utterly violent aggression

that made their life unbearable…

Had she seen what this death meant,

had she caught but a glimpse,

she probably wouldn’t have given her consent,

she wouldn’t have bought the Serpent’s lie,

wouldn’t have been so naïve…

Would you have, Eve?


Had he known…

Of all the pain and suffering and death

that lay within that too incautious gesture!

Oh, that short slumber of sinful dumbness

when he’s shown abusive breadth…

Had he known

of all the angry fathers,

of all the rebel children,

of all the pregnant wives whose babies belong to others,

of all the hateful brothers…

Had he known of all the dreams of the youthful boy

who felt that he the deepest seas could sail

and thought of conquering the world,

yet ended-up condemned to jail…

Of all the frustrated men

who wanted to earn respect with their fists,

yet used their fists out of disrespect…

Had he heard the cry of the one

cheated by his wife,

mocked by his brood,

who solved the problem with a gun…

Had he seen all these,

all the rage, failure and delusion,

every wrong and deadly conclusion

that made their life miserable…

Had he seen what this death meant,

had he caught but a glimpse,

he probably wouldn’t have given his consent,

he wouldn’t have submitted to the woman’s decision,

he would have tried to fathom…

Wouldn’t you have, Adam?

Agnia P.

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